Webradio.io V2 is out!

Hello there, it’s been a long time

I started working on webradio.io several years ago. I wanted to provide the web audio player visualizers I created to the rest of the world. It’s been a while since webradio.io was up and running, and many users tried to register their webradio and setup a current song system, customize the themes, etc


Many of these users had issues running their webradio and its was difficult for them to find help. I first created a documentation section on the website, but it was not enough. Then I created a dedicated forum on the website, but it was a bit clunky and the forum code behind was not great.

Some people started to email me with their issue, and I tried to help them as much as possible. But it takes time.

New vision

After some time, I decided to give this project a second shot, and I took some time to completely rebuild the website. New design, more modern look and no more bugs :smiley:

Website Language

As you can see, the website is now only in English. It will be easier for people to find answers to their questions, and for me to maintain this website.

Theme update

The themes were revisited, all of them now support the “artist image background” feature. They are more aligned with each other and support the same features. There’s still 2 pro themes : Shayzu and Snow


No more google ads on the website!
I decided to put google ads on the webradio that are in FREE mode. If you want to remove ads from your webradio page, you can subscribe to the PRO plan.

Good things don’t change

  • All existing APIs are still working
  • The current song system is still the same and works fine

Visualizer script for your website

The visualizer script is now working again ! If you just want to add an audio visualizer on your website, you can in a few line of code (check the home page).

New Forum

You are seeing it right now! This forum is for public use, you just need a webradio.io account to login and to post/reply on the forum. It’s powered by discourse and it will be much faster, easier and globally better to use for you.

What’s next ?

I have a lot of other projects to work on, but here’s what I’d like to do next on webradio.io :

  • Allow you to add a Stripe donation link into your webradio so you can charge your listeners
  • Build a search engine for people to find your webradio on the webradio.io index
  • Make specific content page for the different pages on webradio.io to improve SEO